Rectifier Tubes

The function of the Rectifier Tube in a guitar amplifier is to convert AC voltage from your power source to the DC current used in the internal operation of the amp’s circuitry. With the invention of solid-state diode rectification in the early 1950s, tube rectification was largely phased out of amplifier designs. In 1991, MESA® released the Dual Rectifier® Amplifier with Selectable Rectification (between tube & diodes), ushering in a new era of tone and a resurgence in the use of rectifier tubes for a more vintage “string-feel” and amplifier responsiveness. As more power is consumed (you turning the amp up!) an increased voltage drop occurs, resulting in the time-honored tube-rectified feel. The overall response is ‘spongier’ and causes the strings of your guitar to feel more elastic and often easier and ‘more juicy’ to play.

MESA Rectifier Tubes are premium grade and offer unsurpassed consistency and reliability for ANY tube amplifier, and certainly MESA amplifiers! Remember… our dedication is to create the world’s finest tube amplifiers. And to achieve that goal requires a deeper commitment to tube quality… because the reputation of our amplifiers depends on it.

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