Footswitch - Single Button, Latching, No LED

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Function: Single button, tip to ground, latching footswitch, no LED - used to trigger many amp functions on a number of MESA amplifiers (including, EQ, effects loop, reverb, tremolo, voice functions & external select functions). This footswitch is not intended to be used in place of channel switching footswitches that make use of a LED.

Where used: Bass 400 / 400+, Bass Prodigy, Bass Strategy, Big Block Titan V12, M6 Carbine, DC-5 (later model), DC-10 later model), 50 Caliber+, California Tweed 4:40, Electra-Dyne, Express, Express Plus, Fillmore 25, Fillmore 50, Fillmore 100, Heartbreaker, King Snake, Lone Star, Lone Star Special, Mark I, Mark IV, Mark V, Coliseum 300, Recto 2:One Hundred, Simul 2:Ninety, Quad Preamp, V Twin Pedal, V Twin Rackmount, Dual Rectifier - 2 Channel, Dual Rectifier - 3 Channel (non Multi-Watt), Dual Rectifier - 3-Channel Multi-Watt, Maverick, Recto-Verb 25, Rect-O-Verb 50 - Series II, Road King, Road King II, Road King II - w/Tuner Mute, Roadster, Single Rectifier / Solo 50 - Series IIA, Single Rectifier / Solo 50 - Series II, Studio 22+,Subway D-800+, Tremoverb, Triple Rectifier - 2 Channel, Triple Rectifier - 3 Channel (non Multi-Watt), Triple Rectifier - 3-Channel Multi-Watt, Stiletto - Ace, Deuce or Trident, TransAtlantic TA-30

Cable used: Item# 678462

Note: For California Tweed, Fillmore 25, Fillmore 50, Fillmore 100, King Snake and Mark I Reverb functions, use a standard (shielded) instrument cable.

Cable not included.

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