Slip Cover - 19 inch 1x12 Combos - see description for models

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Slip Cover 1x12 19" Width Combos - see NOTE below - (.50 Caliber 1x12 Combo, .50 Caliber+ 1x12 Combo, DC-2 1x12 Combo, DC-3 1x12 Combo, F-30 1x12 Combo, F-50 1x12 (19) Combo, Mark Five: 35 1x12 Combo, Mark I 1x12 Combo, Mark II 1x12 Combo, Mark III 1x12 Combo, Mark IV 1x12 Compact Combo, Maverick 1x12 Combo, Nomad 45 1x12 Combo, Rocket 44 1x12 Combo, Studio 22 1x12 Combo & Studio 22+ 1x12 Combo)

NOTE: This cover was specifically made for the Mark Five:35. A Mark Five: 35 is a little deeper than older MESA models, so the slipcover doesn’t fit as snug on the older amps as it does a Mark Five: 35. This cover is designed to fit Combos approximately 18 1/8" H x 18 3/4" W x 11 1/2" D. See Studio Slips for custom covers for an exact fit for older model MESA amps.

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